Coconut Lemonade


Hey Everyone, I can't believe I haven't blogged in such a long time, but I promise to make a bigger effort and bring you more blog posts. I hope you are all having a good start to your summer. Summer is one of my favorite seasons it's a great time to be outdoors enjoying good food, good drinks, and especially good company.  I love having family over and trying out new recipes and enjoying each others company. I wanted to share a drink that has become one of my favorites this summer. After reading about it on Jillian Harris's blog, I was so inspired to try and make  my own version of it. I hope you all enjoy it and try it out, I promise you, you wont regret it. Keep in mind you can always add more or less, and also customize it to your own taste :


. 6 organic lemons
. 1/2 cup simple syrup
. 1/2 cup of coconut cream ( I used Trader Joe's brand, but any will do.)  
.4 cups of water
. 4 cups of ice
. A few slices of pineapple 

Simple Syrup Ingredients
.Zest from one lemon ( I used a fairly big on)
.1 cup of cane sugar
. 1 cup of water

 I started by making the simple syrup first, like I mention I personally used a bigger lemon to get more of a zesty taste.  Zest the lemon in a bowl, add 1 cup of cane sugar and 1 cup of water, whisk it all together and then transfer it into a medium pan. Once you have transferred it into a medium pan bring to a boil let it simmer for a few minutes until thicken.
While the simple syrup is coming to a boil , cut and squeeze your lemons into the pitcher that you will be using, ( I love using a glass pitcher so my lemonade can add a pop of color on my tablescape ) Once the simple syrup has thicken, add 1/2 cup of coconut cream and a few slices of pineapple into your blender,  blend until it looks like a smoothie. ( the coconut cream smells so yummy )
Combine the coconut cream pineapple mixture and the simple syrup with your lemon juice whisk it all together and  then add 4 cups of water and 4 cups of ice. 
Garnish your glass with a lemon wedge, and serve it over ice. And there you go the perfect coconut pineapple lemonade. You will have everyone wanting seconds !!!!!

I hope you all enjoy your summer I would love it if you guys would go on my Instagram and let me know what you think of this recipe, also please let me know if you have any of your own, that you would be able to share with me I would love to try one of your personal recipes.

Honey Girl Organics


Hello Again.With spring in full effect I have been on a skin care kick, the sudden weather change has made a not so good effect on my skin. I know a lot of you might be able to relate, that's why its really important to have a good skin care product. I of course try to maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water to help with my skin, but it's also important to have the perfect skin care. I have tried  numerous products and when I truly love something I love to rave about it and share it with my family and friends. I recently discovered Honey Girl Organics, and my skin really loves this product its taken my skin from dry and dull, to moist and glowy.

The first product I tried was the facial scrub. I love scrubs, especially one that can help get rid of my dead skin cells. This one is super moist, and very soft on the skin. I also love that its certified organic and that a little goes a long way. One of my first reaction was"WOW my skin feels so soft" I'ts definitely something I do once or twice a week before I go to sleep.

Next up, is this Regenerating Face Serum, there are a few products I swear by and this one is one of them. Like their products states, it really is the fountain of youth, I have had family and friends tell me that my skin looks radiant. Who doesn't like a compliment like that??? I know I do because it means it's working.

After I let the serum sit on my skin for a few minutes I apply the face and eye creme, which is so rich in moisture that I only need a dime size of it . I want to empathize that for years I have suffered from really dry, patchy skin. For these reason it is really important for me to have the right skin care, because no one wants to walk around with flaky skin.  People would often ask me if I had just gotten  a peel  because of how flaky my skin was .With these Honey Girl Organic products I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin which is overall the most important aspect when choosing a skin care line that I can rely on and trust. 

I really hope you all find this review helpful and give this product a try. All opinions are my own and based on these products working for me. If you need additional information on these  product please visit their website 

My Easter Brunch Table Setting


With Easter coming up this Sunday, I wanted to create an affordable yet beautiful tablescape for my Easter brunch luncheon.  We don't always have to spend a lot of money on a holiday table setting for it to look beautiful, so what can we do???? We can shop our own home, you will be surprised how creative you can get and find things you'd forgotten you've had. Over the years I've learned to purchase items that I can re-use for different occasions. My idea of the perfect table setting was to keep it simple with a touch of spring. For that I used my pastel dishes and my favorite gold flatware. For flowers I stayed with the same color palate, I bought these beautiful pink ranunculus at my local grocery store, and added some white roses from my garden. Bunnies are a must when creating an Easter tableescape although Easter is a celebration of resurrection in my family,  white bunnies represent new life and pureness , just like the love my savior has for us.

Remember I told you, sometimes we forget about things we have purchased and have just forgotten about them, well that's exactly what happened with these cute paper straws that I purchased at Target. How cute are they?? They make the perfect addition to my gold goblets. 
I hope you enjoy your Easter Sunday with your family and loved ones, and find my Easter tablescape helpful for your own home.

Product details : Flatware: Kate Spade |Plates: Lenox  |Napkins :Pier One  | Blue Mug: Anthropologie

Decorating my nightstand.


Hi Guys! Welcome to another week on my blog. When it comes to decorating, I have no rules but I do love soft colors, especially in our bedroom. I wanted a space that was both peaceful and serene  so I kept the color palette very soft and light. I mostly used pinks and whites, my husband thinks there's too much pink in our bedroom, but can there be too much pink in a space??? I think not.!!! I personally like to decorate with books and candles; they add a touch of coziness, and relaxation. When it came to choosing a candle for my nightstand I chose one that was a little tarter rather than fruity which really helps me relax and wind down after a long day.

Books add a nice touch of color, but for me it actually helps me read them when I have them on my nightstand. I like to center the books on my nightstand so I can have a nice balance of items on each side.  (Tip: Place a book of your interest on your night stand and make it a goal to read it for 5 minutes instead of being on social media). It has been a personal goal of mine to read more and write more before going to bed.

Three items that are always on my night stand are my mini iPad, pen, and paper (for work). I do however like to have a cute note book; this week I chose these cute card stocks with French words on them. Just because I need to use paper doesn't mean it has to be boring. I especially like the touch of gold that it gives my nightstand. ( Tip: You can save money by printing your favorite quote on card stock )

I recently started using an oil diffuser. For nights that I don't have time to turn it on in advance I've been using this Essential Oil I bought at my local farmers market. This one is called Sleepy Time; I rub some on my neck and forehead to help me with my migraines (not fun), and for a better night sleep. A few other things I like to keep on my nightstand are a hair brush, night mask, and eye cream. These just happened to be the one's I'm using at the moment but I have a few favorite that I switch back and forth from.

Remember, when decorating your own space it’s important to stay true to yourself by adding things you love  and that are useful for everyday life. What are some of your decor favorites for your night stand and what do you keep on it?